Odile and Jacques wish to welcome their English speaking visitors

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This site is presently in French only; but …  our serious plan is to gradually translate it into English as well.

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   This is the story of our lives made of   pictures   and   interest  in   photography.

   We present   images   made in many countries in 4 continents where we travelled or lived.

   The site also offers a virtual museum on   I n d o n e s i a n   c e r e m o n i a l    c l o t h s

    and a brand new site (2015) on Old photographic and movie cameras, presenting

    more than 500 cameras and 120 lenses (+ accessories).


To assist you in navigating, here are the major chapters / tabs :                                                                        Site Map

  • Old photographic and movie cameras : A collection presented in another virtual museum (basically 1890-2000),
                                                                      with search engine, showing the result of one of Jacques' hobbies.
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